Utilizing the same base functions as JODO Chat, extended with the capabilities of Voice, Video, and Chat, JODO Social provides seamless conversations across media and interaction types. With both management and supervisor functions, your social media campaigns may be allocated to resources anywhere in the connected world – then monitored through responses, Likes, Views, Plays or any other available Social Media Metrics. Build, manage & maintain your brand identity across the social media spectrum.


  • A single business platform integration for Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook.
  • Run and manage multiple social media campaigns, concurrently.
  • Live Connect Features – Voice, Video & Chat.
  • Business Analytics & Reports (keywords, #hashtags, etc.)
  • Capture and analyze shares, likes, comments, posts and other media interactions.
  • Traffic Analysis – Wallboards & Dashboards.
  • Auto Responders and Scripting for resources.


  • Provides the means for internal business collaborations.
  • A low-cost integrated social marketing alternative.
  • Allows resources to respond to the voice of the consumer/customer.
  • Provides customer services or sales assistance opportunities across social media channels.
  • Allows for consumer contact data collection, building a consumer base of known contacts.
  • Supports resources in creating and maintaining multiple relationships across social media platforms from a single platform service,