With web-based functions as an embedded element, visitors simply “Click to Chat”, which can be extended to include immediate Identification and Verification (IDV) fields through a web form. Greetings and subsequent replies may be automated based on business rules, with interaction routing using skills-based operations. With media-rich interactions, URL’s, graphics and 2-way document pushes may be included within a JODO Chat interaction.  With AutoFill, Templates, and Auto-Responders, JODO Chat arms your resources with the means to operate quickly and succinctly.


  • Use Auto-Responses to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Deploy Chat Bots for Agent-less interactions.
  • Integrate with your local CRM solutions.
  • Chat in the language of your visitors.
  • Share documents, media, and forms in real-time.
  • Move seamlessly between Chat, Voice, and Video.
  • Integrate your Chat module with Social Media channels.
  • Offer your customers a Chat transcript via Email.